HOTROD Brand| Features1972 Jeep Postal- A Family AffairGoing Kustom in a Postal JeepGrant CoxwriterOct 22, 2015For Jim Stuart, growing up watching his mother drive a United States Postal Service Jeep day in and day out through all types of weather conditions was a way of life. As the years went on the Jeep that she personally owned and maintained became like a member of the family. After 40 years of service with the USPS she held on to the mail Jeep that she worked so hard in. Jim had created visions in his mind of one day customizing mom’s Postal. So when it was time for Jim to step up to and make something totally custom out of the stock Jeep, he was ready and willing to introduce his hot rod influence.

Source: 1972 Jeep Postal- A Family Affair

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