Bad responses —A fight over the right to repair cars turns uglyMassachusetts Subaru and Kia dealers disabled remote start and maintenance alerts.Aarian Marshall, – 2/5/2022, 6:50 AMA fight over the right to repair cars turns uglyEnlargeGetty Images235 with 145 posters participating Share on Facebook Share on TwitterChie Ferrelli loved her Subaru SUV, which she bought in 2020 because it made her feel safe. So when it was time for her husband, Marc, to purchase his own new car last summer, they returned to the Subaru dealer near their home in southeast Massachusetts. But there was a catch, one that made the couple mad: Marc’s sedan wouldn’t have access to the company’s telematics system and the app that went along with it. No remote engine start in the freezing New England winter; no emergency assistance; no automated messages when the tire pressure was low or the oil needed changing. The worst part was that if the Ferrellis lived just a mile away, in Rhode Island, they would have the features. They bought the car. But thinking back, Marc says, if he had known about the issue before stepping into the dealership he “probably would have gone with Toyota.”

Source: A fight over the right to repair cars turns ugly | Ars Technica

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