About Us

For veterans and soldiers

Providing a veteran friendly environment.

The goal of this site is to provide veterans with a virtual meeting place to celebrate and discuss cars. There are some great sites out there as well as groups on FaceBook. However, as a veteran, I have never really felt comfortable. Maybe it was because other people just have a different reality than veterans. As a retired SFC, it is sometimes very hard to maintain my dignity and decorum when some kid tries to drag me for something. Civilians don’t know what it’s like to be deployed or having to move every three years. They sure don’t know what it’s like to fight thousands of miles from home. They don’t get that many veterans, like myself, suffer from invisible wounds. It makes it difficult to feel totally at ease when the people I am around can’t begin to understanding my world. That is why this site was created. If you are a veteran, you are always welcome here.

For Our Non Veteran Friends

Don’t feel left out.

Our non veteran friends may feel free to enjoy the public section of the site. However, the forums will be closed to the public. Also, comments will not be available for civilian guests. You are appreciated by all of us and we thank you for your support of this country’s veteran and active duty communities.