New Tires Feel Like Magic For Your Project CarYou wouldn’t believe the difference new rubber makes, even on a car with trashed suspension.By Brian Silvestro Feb 1, 20222022 bmw m3 e46 tiresBrian SilvestroA few months ago I purchased an E46-generation BMW M3 coupe with an incredible 284,000 miles on the clock. While the car looked fine on the surface, it still needed a ton of work if I wanted to enjoy it as a fun daily driver. After determining the engine was healthy, I got to work replacing things like the tie rods, brakes, drivetrain mounts, and a handful of other items. One piece of maintenance I’ve been putting off were the tires. Because the rubber had tread and held air, they weren’t exactly high on my priority list. But it took me less than a mile after swapping on new tires to realize I should’ve replaced them much sooner.

Source: Giving My 288,000-Mile BMW M3 New Tires Was a Game-Changer

By Bob