You and Your EV Deserve Safer Tires for Icy WeatherAll-season doesn’t always mean winterBy Roberto BaldwinPublished on February 11, 2022 01:22PM ESTFact checked by Jerri Ledford Tweet Share EmailSmart & Connected Life Mobile Phones Internet & Security Computers & Tablets Smart Life Home Theater & Entertainment Software & Apps Social Media StreamingI’ve been behind the wheel of the Acura NSX before. It’s a wonderful hybrid supercar that handles spectacularly. However, this is the first time I’m driving it on four inches of ice. This past week I had the opportunity to test the latest winter and all-season tires from Bridgestone at its Winter Driving Experience near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. While I’ve spent years informing friends and family that a pair of good winter tires are far better than all-wheel drive, this was an opportunity not only to see that in action but a chance to feel how far tire technology had advanced. A test car driving on a snow covered road.BridgestoneAnd while spring might be just around the corner now, if we’ve learned anything from HBO’s TV series about dragons, beheadings, and incest, winter is coming.

Source: You and Your EV Deserve Safer Tires for Icy Weather

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